Lets face it, being a makeup artist is the thing to do right now. Every where you look there is a new makeup artist emerging. Its hard to find individuality because being trendy is more "POPULAR". At one point and time there was no information just how to get started now there is information overload and its hard to decipher though the real educators and the IMITATORS

The industry can be intimidating, cut throat and sometimes just down right RUDE. Scrolling through Instagram can be discouraging all on its on. And with all of that we still are left wonder How can I make my unique artistry translate to my audience? How do I attract my clientele? What should I CHARGE? What should be in my kit? How do I start my website? How do I market? What is my brand?  If these thoughts have crossed your mind TRUST ME they have crossed my mind too! But honestly speaking all of these things are just our own perspective and lack of self confidence.





The first thing that needs to change is your mind set! Stop scrolling through Instagram and comparing yourself to others. What this industry is missing is YOU. Here's a secret; No one can be you but you! And because of that you have a inside advantage.  I had to learn this the hard way but when I got focused on me and knew that I was worth a try! I invested in myself by taking courses, purchasing better grade products, practiced and practiced and practiced until my work, my business and my clientele was what I had in mind for MY business. I had to get to a place where I was willing to take a chance on myself and do anything to progress. Consistency is the key to anything worth having in life. 

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The first thing that needs to change is your


During our 1:1 intensive I walk you though step by step:

Fundamentals of the Face : Learn just how to get the perfect shade match every time, what products work best for each skin type and creating a flawless full face finish every time.  ($250 value)

Client Whisperer: Learn how to give the client what they want every time. We will go over visible and audible ques. ($75 value)

Niche Breakdown: Learn how to let your unique application shine thorough as we work and fine tune your niche application. Learn how to apply an application that speaks true to YOU! ($200 value) 

Behind the Brush: Learn just what you need to start off your business successful. Websites, logos, branding, portfolios, how to charge, practice sessions, pro discounts, marketing, brand products and so much more will be covered during our business session. ($1000 value)

Practice Makes Perfect: Go home ready to perfect all that you've learned. I will be keeping up with your progress and give my final feedback and remarks after 6 weeks. ($700 value)
Total Value: $2,225

Your Price for all of this $427 and More!!!

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